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We at Hi-Tide Divers believe that every person learns at a different pace, and our dive team works with you to cater to your individual needs. For over a decade, we have maintained this concept by offering personal instruction, and keeping group sizes small. We strive to ensure your individual success whether you just need more time diving, some one-on-one attention, or a little more practice on the dive deck. Our certified dive professionals, with over 30 years of combined diving experience in the Pulau Sibu area, carefully plan each dive with your safety and comfort in mind. We have a passion for diving, and our goal is to share that passion with you while also giving you the ability & skills to become a qualified & safe diver. We hope you will join us on a course at Hi-Tide Divers where we can explore the majesty and mystery of the underwater world together.

Want to get a jump-start on your dive course? We offer PADI e-learning, so that you may complete the theory part of your course before arriving to the island, giving you more time to relax and sunbathe during your stay.

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Discover SCUBA Diver

2.5 hours+

Want to try this breathing underwater thing but have no experience? That’s ok! At Hi-Tide Divers we offer a Discover SCUBA Diver Course which is the perfect way to introduce you to the underwater world. After a little bit of theory on the dive deck to familiarize you with your equipment, and our safety standards, we take a short swim out to our underwater classroom for to put that theory into practice. Then it’s on to our House Reef for a taste of scuba diving lasting up to 40minutes. Sound easy? It really is! All equipment is provided to you by one of our highly trained and certified dive professionals who will also be accompanying you on the dive. We believe that everyone learns at their own pace, so your instructor will be making sure they cater to your individual needs, while keeping you safe, and comfortable. You may deduct the cost of this course from either Open Water Course Certification, or SCUBA Diver Certification, when both courses are taken with Hi-Tide Divers, and completed within 6 months.

  • Age: This adventure is for future divers 10+
  • Cost: RM195++
  • Includes: Discover SCUBA Certificate & Full equipment rental


2 Consecutive days

This course includes three theory presentations on the dive deck (or completed prior through PADI e-learning), which covers basic safety skills required to be a SCUBA Diver. Each lesson will be immediately followed by three workshops in our underwater classroom, where you will have a chance to gain some practical experience. You will also make two Open Water dives at our House Reef exploring large coral structures, urchins, sponges, anemones, and an abundance of fish, all the while practicing your newly acquired skills. This certification qualifies you to dive with a professional diver to a maximum depth of 12 meters, in conditions to similar to, or better than you were trained to dive in. The three theory presentations, three underwater classroom workshops, as well as the two Open Water Dives, will count towards your Open Water Diver Certification should you choose to upgrade. The cost to upgrade to Open Water Diver is RM870.

  • Age: This adventure is for future divers 10+
  • Cost: RM900++
  • Includes: PADI Open Water Manual, SCUBA Diver Certificate, PADI Certification Card & Full equipment rental

Open Water Diver

4 consecutive full days or 2 consecutive weekends

With water temperatures of up to 30° and calm sea conditions, Rimba Resort’s House Reef is the perfect place to begin your Open Water Certification. Situated in the middle of a coral garden is our very own underwater classroom, a sandy patch in shallow water which is the ideal place to learn new skills, refresh old skills or take your dive certification to the next level. Learn to dive at your own pace, with flexible instructors who will cater to your individual needs. From one-on-one instruction, to giving you extra time when you need it, our team of certified instructors will work with you to ensure your safety and comfort every step of the way. This course will includes multiple theory lessons on the dive deck with your instructor, (or completed prior through PADI e-learning online) followed by four Open Water Dives on our House Reef.

  • Age: 10+
  • Cost: RM1700++
  • Includes: PADI Open Water Manual, Open Water Certificate, PADI Certification Card & Full equipment rental

Adventure Diver

1.5 consecutive days

This is a quick course with Three Adventure Dives for those looking to advance to the next level but who may not have the time to complete the Advanced Open Water Course. On this course you will complete three theory knowledge reviews relevant to each Adventure Dive. (Lesson Parts may be completed prior through PADI e-learning online). You must complete Deep Diver, and Underwater Navigator, but you may choose the third Adventure Dive from our list of available Adventure Dives; Underwater Naturalist, Search and Recovery Diver, Boat Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, and Dive Against Debris. Your Deep Diver Adventure Dive will achieve a maximum depth of 40meters (age dependant). The three Instructor led theory lessons, and Three Adventure Dives, will count towards your Advanced Open Water Diver Certification should you choose to upgrade. The cost to upgrade to Open Water Diver is RM 800.

  • Age: 10+
  • Cost: RM900++
  • Includes: Adventures in Diving Manual, Adventure Diver Certificate, and PADI Certification Card & Full equipment rental

Advanced Open Water

3 consecutive days or 2 consecutive weekends

This fun, exciting and practical diving course teaches advanced skills in diving. The course includes five Adventure Dives. Dives include: Deep Diver, and Underwater Navigator. With the Deep Diver, you will learn how to begin planning deep dives and the safety precautions needed to master deep diving. You will also develop a “deeper” understanding of the challenges faced when diving deep. In the Underwater Navigator Adventure Dive you will learn how to use an underwater compass, and the skill of knowing where you are in the underwater world. The three remaining dives are ones you will choose with your instructor from our list of available Adventure Dives; Underwater Naturalist, Search and Recovery Diver, Boat Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, and Dive Against Debris, The theory workshops in this course can be completed in advance online with PADI e-learning.

  • Age: 10+
  • Cost: RM1400++

Includes: Adventures in Diving Manual, Advanced Open Water Certificate, PADI Certification Card & Full equipment rental

Rescue Diver

3 consecutive days or 2 consecutive weekends

Divers who are confident and comfortable handling emergency situations make great diving partners! Being able to prevent problems before they arise, and handle them while they are happening, comes with comfortability in the water and training which is just what this course is all about. With knowledge development presentations, one Rescue Training Open Water Dive, and one Rescue Scenario Dive we will boost your confidence & comfortability in the water. You will learn to quickly identify and prevent problems, and should a problem arise, this course will teach you exactly how to respond. Your Instructor will guide you step-by-step through the very serious fun of becoming and being a PADI Rescue Diver.

  • Age: 12+
  • Cost: RM1550++
  • Includes: PADI Rescue Diver Manual, Diving Accident Management Work Slate, Rescue Diver Certificate, PADI Certification Card
  • & Full equipment rental
  • Pre-requisite: Adventure Diver or Advanced Open Water Certification, EFR Primary and Secondary Care Certification with 24 months.

First Aid

1 day

Our First Aid Course at Rimba Resort is registered by Emergency First Response, and covers the following topics: Providing basic life support – CPR, bandaging & splinting, environmental assessment, oxygen use, and more. Instruction is provided to you by a Certified PADI Instructor. This is a hands-on course where you will be spending all of your time working side by side with your Instructor. Students leave with a full understanding of Emergency First Response First Aid.

  • Ages: 10+
  • Cost: RM600++
  • Includes: PADI EFR Primary and Secondary Care Manual, First Aid Certificate, and EFR Certification Card
  • Pre-requisite: Completion of Rescue Diver Course

Dive Master

14 days – must be completed in no longer than 3 months

When you go for a dive, do you ever notice how calm, relaxed and comfortable your guide is? It’s because he or she is a PADI Certified Dive Master. Taking the PADI Dive Master course is our most challenging yet most rewarding course available at Hi-Tide Divers. If you want to work in the diving industry, then this is the first step into the world of professional diving. But perhaps you just want to attain a level of mastery that allows you to take your family and friends out for a fun & safe dive? In either case, this course is about leadership and mastery over knowledge and skills and is just what you are looking for. The Dive Master course will turn you into a highly skilled, safe, knowledgeable, and comfortable Dive Master. You training will include the following skills: How to set up dive sites, How to give dive briefings, How to successfully guide a group of certified divers on Shore, Boat and Night dives. You will work closely with your instructor with lots of one-on-one time, but also expect to be working alongside the entire team at Hi-Tide Divers and in the Dive Center where you will learn to develop your skills in working as part of a team, and becoming a leader. Best of all…..after this course you will have completed a minimum of 20 Open Water Dives and you will feel as though the water is your second home! We encourage and invite you to join us at Hi-Tide Divers at Rimba Resort for your PADI Certified Dive Master Certification.

  • Ages: 18+
  • Cost: RM4800++
  • Includes: PADI Dive Master Manual, PADI Instructor Manual, PADI Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, PADI SCUBA Review Workbook, PADI Training Log Binder, Dive Master Underwater Work Slates, PADI Electronic RDP Multi-Level Planner, Dive Master Certificate, & Full equipment rental
  • Does not include registration fees to PADI
  • Prerequisite: Advanced Open Water Certificate, Advanced PADI Rescue Certificate, and EFR Primary & Secondary Certificate all current to within 24 months. You must also have at least 40 Logged dives and medical clearance within 12 months in order to begin this course.


1 hr 30 min

Perfect for children and adults who want to discover the feeling of SCUBA diving for the first time. This course sticks to the shallow waters of our natural bay on Pulau Sibu. With your Certified PADI Instructor we start out on the dive deck with a quick overview of your dive equipment, and a briefing on what to expect underwater. Next students learn how to put their gear on, before heading out to the sea to “bubble around” in the shallow waters. Students will interact with tropical fish, and hover above sea anemones, and corals. “Nemo” likes to hide in the anemones in the shallow waters, so be sure to keep a lookout, and say “hi” if you see him! This dive goes to a maximum depth of just 3 meters.

  • Age: This adventure is for future divers 8+
  • Cost: RM180++

Includes: Bubblemakers Certificate, and Full equipment rental

Refresher Program

3 hours

Has it been longer than 6 months since your last dive? If so, you will need to do one of these. The Hi-Tide Divers Refresher Program will help you touch up on those skills that have become rusty over the months or years since your last dive. A quick theory presentation by your Instructor on the dive deck to refresh your knowledge of the underwater environment and your dive equipment will be given first. Then it’s off to our underwater classroom for a quick skills workshop followed by a short swim to deeper water for a leisure dive.

  • Age: 10+
  • Cost: RM150++
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